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“Yoga means addition — addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.”

― Amit Ray


Joanne L.

Newington, CT

Thursday night Vinyasa Yoga with Jenn is one of the highlights of my week! Through gentle stretches, flowing into and out of various postures, guided by the breath, I am brought to a place of inner balance and peace within. I feel renewed and revitalized, more centered and grounded in body, mind, and spirit. I appreciate Jenn's skillful guidance through the practice, encouraging stretching more deeply into a pose, strengthening core muscles and deepening connection to the life-giving energy of the breath. I also appreciate the way Jenn integrates the energy balancing movements of Qigong into our yoga practice. It feels like a holistic approach to wellness. I feel grateful to have found Jenn and highly recommend trying her Yoga and Qigong classes!
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