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Welcome and thank you for visiting Jennesis Yoga. Emphasizing the value of a beginner’s mindset during every practice is our focus. Uniting the body and mind through breath and movement encourages a happier and grounded you. Learn gentle ways to manage emotions, develop confidence, increase flexibility, improve balance, become stronger, and heal emotional barriers through Yoga and Qigong sessions. Students participate virtually or in person.


Jennesis Yoga, LLC is located in Newington, CT at Balance Massage and Wellness Center and was founded by Jennifer Worhle in February 2020, two (2) weeks before COVID-19 caused many businesses to close their doors. Jennesis Yoga came into fruition while working with the Veteran community and the loss of a loved one due to Parkinson’s Disease. Jennifer is a 300-hr RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certified in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. For over 20 years the practice of meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques), various fitness activities, Yoga, and Qigong practices have positively impacted her, and her student's lives.


Qigong training with Lorelei Chang ( 04/2021 - Present 

30 hours - Warriors at Ease (WAS) Yoga Teacher Training (YTT): 07/2021

SWC Personal Trainer Certification: 01/2021

20 hours - Qigong Infused Yoga TM: 01/2020

35 hours - Yin Yoga and Meditation: 4/2019

200 hours - Vinyasa Yoga: 4/2018


To strengthen the community though Yoga and Qigong practices that foster mind and body relaxation, restore energy and stimulate healing.



We cultivate inner peace and overall health through Eastern healing methods.  We proudly serve the veteran community, individuals with mobility challenges, and those interested in improving their life.  We commit to praising your inner and outer glow by encouraging selfcare and surrounding you with a well rounded friendly team in a safe and nurturing environment. 
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